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Gianni Crespi foderami specializes in the manufacture of linings for high quality clothing.

In addition to the range of items included in the collection, we are able to develop new products to meet each customer’s request.
Quality, flexibility, competitiveness and service targets are constantly viewed and pursued in a continuous technological updating and careful management of the organization.
We export 60% of our production.


The Company is in Villa Cortese and, in 1921, was founded under the name of Mechanical Weaving Giovanni Crespi.

The production was initially in cotton fabrics and silk scarves.
The inclusions in the next 40 years of artificial fibers lead to the production of new types of fabrics until the final specialization in the field of lining materials.

In the 60s the company experienced a remarkable development under the leadership of Gianni Crespi, grandson of the founder.