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Bemberg™ Natural Stretch lining

Bemberg™ Natural Stretch lining by Gianni Crespi Foderami:

“the precious fabric that naturally stretches without tricks”

Bemberg™ Natural Stretch, the ground-breaking precious fabric by Gianni Crespi Foderami s.r.l. is the 100% sustainable lining fabric created from a cutting-edge highly engineered process.

Specialized in the creation of linings for high quality menswear, womenswear and children wear, Gianni Crespi Foderami s.r.l. has teamed up with Bemberg™, the Japanese brand of regenerated cellulose fibers by leading materials manufacturer Asahi Kasei, to develop a precious 100% Bemberg™ lining with outstanding stretch performance woven in its DNA.

Bemberg™ Natural Stretch was achieved thanks to the leading Italian manufacturer’s ability to vertically set up, control, engineer and design a whole integrated production process, ranging from sectional warping the shipment service.

Bemberg™ Natural Stretch achieves maximum flexibility, resistance, and comfort without the use of elastomers and polyesters. How? The secret is in the process indeed. Elasticity is achieved thanks to a complex way of yarn twisting, weaving, and finishing.

Bemberg™ yarns are smart, responsible and high-tech. Made from a cotton linter bioutility material, the natural derived source does not deplete forestry resources. The company’s matchless, high-tech natural fibers are characterized by a unique touch and feel as well as unique performances such as moisture control and is antistatic.

Bemberg™ Natural Stretch: a smart solution for contemporary living.

For further information please contact:

GB Network +39 0276018402

Gianni Crespi Foderami s.r.l. +39 0331430441

About Bemberg™

Bemberg™, by Asahi Kasei, is a one-of-a-kind, matchless and original, new generation material made from the smart-tech transformation of cotton linter pre-consumer material, converted through a traceable and transparent closed loop process. Made in Japan, Bemberg™ can confirm a new quality profile and standard through a certified LCA study, signed by ICEA and validated by Paolo Masoni. Bemberg™ has full GRS certification, Oeko-Tex 100 & ISO 14001. Bemberg™ holds the most current Innovhub-SSI report confirming its filaments disintegrate 100% in value within the limits specified by the UNI EN 13432, point A.3.1 for disintegration in composting process. Bemberg™ has tested to EN 13432:2000 Annex E, the compost obtained from these filaments revealed the absence of Ecotoxicity effects, according to ISO 16929:2013. In addition, Bemberg™ filaments tested negative for heavy metals and other hazardous substances complying with tests specified by the UNI EN 13432, for the substances listed in table A.1. Bemberg™ is cool, antistatic and breathable with a unique, supple drape. Asahi Kasei also offers the market a unique family of advanced fit stretch yarns. Branded ROICA™, they are designed to improve and shape the way we live better today.Bemberg/Bemberg™ is the brand name of the regenerated cellulose fiber Cupro, produced only by Asahi Kasei.

Bemberg™ is also partner of C.L.A.S.S.

About C.L.A.S.S. - acronym of Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy -

C.L.A.S.S. is the international ecohub founded by Giusy Bettoni in 2007 which has established itself as a reference point in the fashion and textile business for brands, designers, manufacturers, students and all those determined to make fashion smarter.

About Gianni Crespi Foderami s.r.l.

Gianni Crespi foderami s.r.l was founded in 1921 and it specializes in the manufacture of lining for high quality clothing. From 2012 the company started a concrete program of implementation of sustainability issues by signing project 2020, a real and tangible commitment for the elimination of hazardous chemicals in agreement with ZDHC strict requirements. The challenge was faced with reliability and diligence, through changes and important investments. In 2018 Gianni Crespi Foderami s.r.l has achieved set goals, granting full traceability and certified tested high quality products. The company meets different countries' current legislation and can sign most important fashion Brands' commitments. Sustainability, respect for the environment, health and safety of people, are constantly pursued and considered as an integral part of corporate philosophy. They constantly search for new raw materials to try out; their collection boasts an ambitious new 100% sustainable line.


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